Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

We are a vehicle trading platform with the goal of helping hundreds of customers to buy, sell and swap their cars. At Cars45 Kenya, our passion is to build the infrastructure for commerce that allows sellers and buyers of Kenyan used cars to exchange value quickly, cheaply and with unhindered access to independent relevant information required for decision making.

Cars45 Kenya was established in early 2019.

We currently have one branch, located at the Junction of Muthangari and Gitanga Road ,next to For You Chinese Restaurant Near Valley Arcade.


We ensure that every car we inspect is valued as fairly as possible. We give you access to the inspection report to guarantee a transparent process. Our experienced and well trained pricing analysts are well positioned to give you a fair offer.

With just 3 simple steps, you can sell your car to us.

Step 1:
Book a free inspection
There are 2 ways to book inspections with us. You can either click the Sell now button on our homepage or menu. Fill in the basic information to book your inspection. Or, you can call us on 07 82 45 45 00 and speak to one of our customer relations officers who will happily set you up with a date and time that suits you.

Step 2:
Inspection day
On the day of your inspection, when you come in at the time you chose, we will have our inspectors waiting for you on the ground. They will receive you and countercheck that you have come with all the necessary documents to prove ownership before they inspect your vehicle. Whilst they inspect, you are welcome to come into the office and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as your car is inspected and valued.

Step 3:
Offer & Instant payment
Once the car has been inspected and valued by our pricing analysts, we give you our best offer for your car in its current state. Once we agree on the price, we trigger the transfer process and within 45 minutes, the payment is safely transferred to your bank account and you can hand over your keys to us after signing the necessary paperwork. 45 minutes is all we need!

Our in-house pricing analyst in responsible for giving a cash offer for your car. They look at our past data, as well as our vast current selling price data on car purchases and make sure they give you the best price for your car in its present condition.

Our prices are based on our pricing algorithm that the pricing analysts work with. These may differ in varying degrees from market prices.

As of now, we are not offering remote inspection services. All inspections happen here at our office premises. However, we plan to incorporate this into our business model in the near future.

We provide you with the fastest and most convenient way to sell your car. You avoid all the hassle that can come with selling your car on the market. We will take your car just as it is and ensure that you get a fair price for it. It is a safe and secure way to sell your car – you can expect all this to be done within 45 minutes.

Our pricing analysts ensure that every car we buy will be priced as fairly and honestly as possible with consideration of the state of your car.


To book an appointment, you can either:
1. Call us on 0782 45 45 00 and speak to one of our customer relations officers who will happily book you an inspection slot.
2. Visit our website, click on the Sell Now button. Fill in the details to book your appointment.

Having your appointment booked makes sure that when you come in at your chosen time slot, there is a car inspector waiting, ready to inspect your car immediately. Should you choose to walk in, you will still get an appointment, however, if the inspectors are busy, there may be a short wait time for you.

We aim to close our deals within our 45-minute promise. To support this, we request you to bring you original logbook (we don’t inspect cars without the owner present) and valid ID.

We expect the whole process to be complete in under an hour.

Sell your car

There are absolutely no charges involved for you when you bring your car in for an inspection.

The only documents necessary for you to bring are your original logbook and an identification document.

Yes. Our inspectors inspect cars with no cost to you.

Once an agreement is reached we begin the transfer process. After signing a car sales agreement, we transfer the agreed amount into your bank account. Once paid, you transfer the car on the NTSA platform to us and once that is done, you can leave us with your keys and leave a happy customer.

Any questions?

We are here to help you!

Cars45 is commited to keeping your information safe